Rock 'N Roll Land

838 South Military Avenue | Green Bay, WI | 54303 | United States

About Us

The staff at Rock N' Roll Land has a collective depth of knowledge that sets us apart in the business. We make music our lives in one way or another and we take seriously the importance of our customers' relationship to music. We put customer service first and foremost! Our mission is to bring people and music together and to make everyone feel at home.

Rock N' Roll Land gives you the opportunity to discover a world of music beyond what corporate retailers can show you. Rock N' Roll Land is a place where music lovers can find a better place for music other than in a corporate chain store. We have the widest possible selection, better service, and more respect for people's ideas and lives. Together with you, we are that community of independent artists and listeners who wanted something more, and with you we've been able to take root and thrive. We are humbled by and thankful for the continuing support and success we've found in trying to create a store and a venue that's worthy of great music. We will be constantly hosting incredible free live performances and musical events. If you love music, let us be your ultimate source for inspiration.

Rock N' Roll Land has one the biggest, most diverse and affordable selections of vinyl LPs found in Wisconsin. Since we are always buying used records, LPs and other Rock n' Roll related items our stock changes daily, and just about anything you're looking for can be found here. Rock N' Roll Land is more than just a record store -- we're a 21st century music outlet, a live performance venue, and together with our customers we're a meeting place for Green Bay's most colorful community of progressive and creative minds.

Bring us your LPs & CDs!
At Rock N' Roll Land you can sell your old LPs & CDs and get cash. Bring in any amount or combination of genres and well make you a offer. Our prices are based on the artist, title, popularity, condition, and how much we already have in stock of each item you bring in to sell. If you have a large collection (1,000 pieces or more) and we come to you, the factors below will determine if we will make you an offer.

The two most important factors in determining an item's value are:

(1) TITLE:
Some titles are extremely common and not sought after and are therefore not worth too much to us. Other titles will always sell or are currently very popular.

Condition is extremely important in terms of the value of an item.

CDs: We price CDs based on demand and condition, even though the condition will rarely affect the playability. The more visible scratches, the less you're likely to get for it. We price scratched-up CDs very low, and we usually try to avoid buying them at all.

LPs: We only buy LPs that are in good playing condition. Our staff can look at records and have a very good idea of how they're going to play. An LP in great condition is always going to be worth more then LPs with just a few visible scratches on it. The condition of the cover counts too!

What we pay:
CDs: We pay anywhere from 10 cents to $3.00 for most CDs. A typical price for a strong title in mint condition would be $3.00 in cash. We pay less for lower list-price CDs or less sought-after or common titles.
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